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Name Title Phone
Rachel Gellert Director of Support Advocacy and Violence Prevention N/A
Erin Michelle Boss Sexual Assault and Violence Prevention Program Coordinator 845-437-7975

Rachel Gellert

Rachel Gellert (she/they) is the Director of the Support, Advocacy, and Violence Prevention Office at Vassar College. As the SAVP Director, Rachel provides survivor-centered support and advocacy to individuals impacted by sexual and interpersonal violence, coordinates campus prevention efforts, and works closely with the SAVP team on events and programming throughout the year. Prior to Vassar, Rachel provided support services through OASOS, Boulder County Public Health’s program for LGBTQIA+ youth. Previously, they worked for Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center, providing sexual health counseling, prevention trainings on college campuses, and advocacy for survivors of sexual violence. Rachel holds a Masters of Public Administration and B.A. in Politics and Social Policy from New York University. She is passionate about both direct service advocacy and macro culture shifts regarding consent, healthy relationships and sex education. When Rachel isn’t talking about the importance of comprehensive, consent-based sex ed, you can find her biking, reading comic books, and hanging with her two cats. Rachel is very excited to join the Vassar community and honored to be a new addition to the SAVP team. Rachel is a private resource on campus.

Erin Boss ’16

Erin Boss (she/her) is the Program Coordinator of the Support, Advocacy, and Violence Prevention Office. As the SAVP Program Coordinator, Erin is primarily responsible for coordinating the college's violence prevention and response trainings and supervising peer education efforts facilitated by SAVP student interns. In addition, Erin assists the Director in providing direct support and advocacy to individuals impacted by sexual and interpersonal violence. Erin  earned her B.A. in Women's Studies from Vassar College and is currently pursuing her M.A. in English Literature at SUNY New Paltz. Erin's passion for antiviolence work began when she was a student, as she became involved in student orgs and in community-based services for survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Erin previously worked full-time in the Hudson Valley community for Family Services in their Center for Victim Safety and Support as an advocate, and also as the Dutchess County Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator. In her free time, she enjoys half-caff coffee, riding her bike, and cuddling with her cat, Tonks.

2020-2021 Student Interns

Brynn Gauthier ’21

Brynn Gauthier (she/her) is a senior Drama Major is so excited to be returning to the SAVP office for her fourth year. She is passionate about communal, survivor-centered anti-violence work, the way this office has a fervor for half-birthdays, and once thought she found an ACTUAL pearl in a clam shell, but it was just a very nicely shaped rock. She is a co-leader of BIG K!DZ, Vassar’s oldest sketch comedy group, and a member of Shakespeare Troupe.

Ellery Cordes ’23

Ellery is a prospective Drama major from London. She places emphasis on peer education as a means to create a safer and more knowledgeable campus community. She decided to work as an intern for SAVP with the intent to spread awareness about interpersonal violence and to engage in conversations about supporting survivors. Ellery is also a member of Idlewild Theatre Ensemble and on Vassar's Ultimate Frisbee Team. During her free time she likes to play with her dog and do jigsaw puzzles.

Ellie Kennedy-Wood ’21

Ellie is a Psychology major with correlates in Sociology and Sustainability from Chicago. She is passionate about creating awareness around interpersonal violence and teaching people about healthy relationships. Through SAVP, Ellie is currently interning with the Center for Victim Safety and Support and hopes to strengthen the Poughkeepsie community by providing resources and support to survivors of violence. Ellie is also a member of the swim team and is on the exec board of the ceramics club. In her free time she enjoys FaceTiming friends, learning new crafts, and reorganizing her room weekly.

Jack Pesqueira ’22

Jack (he/him) is a junior majoring in Biochemistry with a correlate in Hispanic Studies. He is from Long Island, New York, and developed his interest in working with the SAVP office due to the lack of conversations about sexual violence in his home town. Jack is especially interested in promoting the often stigmatized conversations of violence inflicted on male-identifying people and the queer community, and working alongside survivors to spread awareness. During his free time, he likes to go on hikes and read.

Joe Bradley ’21

Joe is a Biology major from Stuart, Florida, interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. As a peer educator, he hopes to help strengthen the student body’s collective efforts to stand against all forms of sexual misconduct and violence. He has always loved the Vassar community and looks forward to spreading SAVP’s mission throughout campus. Joe is also a captain of the Men’s Lacrosse team and board member of the Vassar Healthcare Industries Club. In his free time, he enjoys reading, exercising, and playing videogames with friends.

Kanako Kawabe ’22

Kanako is a Psychology Major with a prospective correlate in Women's studies. She is interested in the ways that mental health is impacted by both interpersonal and systemic violence, and hopes to continue engaging in violence prevention work after college. Through SAVP, she hopes to help foster a culture at Vassar that centers survivors and their needs while also exploring expansive notions of justice. In her free time, Kanako enjoys doing creative makeup, baking, and playing Animal Crossing.

Michaela Olabisi ’23

Michaela Olabisi is a prospective Science, Technology, and Society and Film double major from Lynn, Massachusetts. Her interest in working with SAVP came from growing up with family members and friends who were deeply affected by abuse. It is important for her to uplift voices of bipoc who have been often overlooked and unsupported. Michaela plans to pursue a career in health to help disadvantaged communities get proper prenatal care and to help educate low-income teens on consent and sexual education.

Nywel Cheaye ’22

Nywel is a junior from New Castle, Delaware. She is majoring in Science, Technology, and Society and is deeply interested in the intersection of public health and the law. She has always had a heart for advocacy and support which blossomed when she served as a Student Fellow for Strong House. Nywel developed interest in working as a survivor advocate with SAVP after seeing how survivors are criminalized for defense against their abusers. She is co-president of the Vassar Christian Fellowship and a member of Vassar EMS. In her free time, she loves trying new foods!

Sara Ehnstrom ’22

Sara is a Neuroscience and Behavior major from Kaneohe, Hawaii. She hopes to educate the student body on what specific actions are not appropriate, to make sure that there are no blurred lines, through events that get every type of student involved. Sara plans to continue her education after Vassar by attending medical school to become a family practitioner where she will use the skills she learned through SAVP to correctly identify and address sexual violence. Sara is a member of the volleyball team and Vassar EMS. During her free time she loves to read and watch movies!

Sofia Rao ’22

Sofia Rao (she/hers) is an International Studies major with concentrations in Education and History. During her sophomore year as a Student Fellow, she was inspired by her interactions with the SAVP Office and is passionate about facilitating unique, intersectional conversations on campus about healthy relationships and consent as a Peer Educator Intern. She hopes to pursue a career in law and in her free time, Sofia enjoys sewing clothes and watching movies.