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Nicole Kelly Wong Director of SAVP 845-437-7863

Nicole Wong

Nicole Wong is the Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Office Director at Vassar College. Nicole is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Social Work at Columbia University. She is on the Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice track with a focus on Health, Mental Health, and Disabilities. She earned her B.A. in Sociology and English from Vassar College. As the SAVP Director, Nicole provides survivor-centered support and advocacy to individuals impacted by sexual and interpersonal violence, coordinates on-campus violence prevention trainings and workshops, and works closely with the SAVP student interns on events and programming throughout the year. Previously, Nicole was the Violence Prevention Educator at Vassar where she developed and implemented sexual violence prevention events and programming for students and employees in the Vassar College community. She also worked in the anti-violence field at the Center for Victim Safety and Support (CVSS) in Poughkeepsie, NY where she held the positions of High Risk Case Manager and Coordinator of Advocacy. At CVSS, Nicole provided counseling, advocacy, and safety planning services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, supervised direct service staff, as well as coordinated daily program activities. Nicole is a private resource on campus.

Erin Boss ‘16

Erin Boss (she/her) earned her B.A. in Women's Studies from Vassar College and could not be happier to return to campus as SAVP's Violence Prevention Educator. Erin's passion for antiviolence work began when she was a student, as she became involved in student orgs and in community-based services for survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. Erin has worked in the Hudson Valley community for Family Services in their Center for Victim Safety and Support as an advocate, and also as the Dutchess County Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator. Erin participates on the board for the Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Abuse, and volunteers for the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Center. In her free time, she enjoys half-caff coffee, riding her bike, and cuddling with her cat, Tonks.

2018-2019 Student Interns

Brynn Gauthier ‘21

Brynn’s fervor for anti-violence work started with a history project on the Violence Against Women Act her freshman year of high school. She is a part of SAVP because she believes in empowering her community with assertiveness and understanding to create a culture where survivors are supported. Brynn is a drama major who is basically interested in everything. She loves to pick apples, her favorite being honey crisps.

Jackson Christie ’19

Jackson is a biology major pursuing a pre-med path, who has been a strong advocate for sexual violence prevention after growing up with many survivors as family and friends, seeing the damaging impact that abuse has on a community, and resolving to work for a movement that believes in bringing the problem to light and changing it. Jackson has worked as a volunteer/intern in multiple hospitals- from Children’s hospital in Oakland, CA in high school to interning with Montefiore in the Bronx. He is most interested in the anatomy and physiology of humans, as well as the psychological pathology in patients, and hopes to be a cardiovascular surgeon in the future. He was a competitive rower for 6 years, and a chemistry lab assistant for 1.
Fun fact: Jackson played guitar for a rock band in California for a year and a half, and dreams of starting a new one in New York.

Scarlett Thompson ‘20

Scarlett is a Drama and Economics double major and a proud Minnesotan. She is a student fellow in Strong and decided to get involved with SAVP after reflecting on how quickly conversations about sexual violence and assault can die down after the beginning of the school year. She hopes to keep the conversation alive throughout the year and find different ways to actively engage all members of the Vassar community. She is heavily involved with theater on campus, is a part of the activist coalition Healing to Action, advocates for Femmes in STEM, and is accidentally taking an intermediate jazz dance class since there was no room in beginner. Scarlett also recently found out that Minnesota is the only place where people say “duck, duck, gray duck” instead of “duck, duck, goose” and her whole world was turned upside down. 

Juo-Hsi (Sylvia) Peng '20

Juo-Hsi (Sylvia) is a International Studies major with concentrations in Political Science and Economics.  After interning at Garden of Hope, a non-profit organization that helps victims of gendered violence, she was inspired to get involved with SAVP and continue her work in this field. Through SAVP, she is currently doing at internship at Family Services in Poughkeepsie. Sylvia is a co-President of Vassar Debate Society, Treasurer of Raymond house, and an avid baker. She takes pride in her ability to fall asleep, as long as she has something to lean on. 

Tammy Jung ‘19

I'm an English Major on the pre-med track. I first became involved with anti-violence work my sophomore year when I joined CARES. After learning more about interpersonal violation and gender based violence, I decided to work at the SAVP office to play a more active role against prevention. I am also involved in the VSR. Fun fact: I love puppies and anything with chocolate!  

Ellie Kennedy Wood ‘21

Ellie is a prospective Political Science and Psychology double major with the dream of finding a job that satisfies both these interests. She is the SAAC representative for the Women's Swim Team and the community outreach coordinator for the Ceramics Club. This past summer, she interned for Women Employed, a non-profit working to expand educational and employment opportunities for working women, and learned more about the faulty legislation and practices that surround sexual harassment in the workplace. Ellie believes it is crucial to teach people how to advocate for themselves and for others, especially around important, but often overlooked, issues like sexual violence and harassment. She enjoys baking (but mostly eating) zucchini bread, and you can easily make her day by showing her pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses.

Mackenzie Nielsen ‘20

Mackenzie is a Sociology major with a double correlate in Hispanic Studies and Political Science. Her passion for preventing and standing up against sexual violence and assault stems greatly from a personal history of growing up in an abusive household. Events in her life have urged her to pursue a career in Social Work, most likely as a Victim Advocate for the court system. Interpersonal violence exists almost everywhere and can have lasting traumatic effects, so Mackenzie desires to do all that she can to help prevent it from happening. In addition to fervor for all things SAVP, Mackenzie is an HFI for Strong House Team and is an avid boxer, crafter, reader, and eater. Fun fact: whenever Mackenzie tells someone that she lives in Kansas they all have the same exact response: "You're not in Kansas anymore!".

Henry Morgan ‘21

Henry is a prospective French and Francophone Studies major from Brooklyn, New York. His involvement in anti-violence work began in the fall of his first year when he participated in the Mentors in Violence Prevention training program. This workshop piqued his interest and motivated him to combat gender-based violence as an intern at the SAVP office. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and spending time at the Deece.

Jordan Moss ’20

Jordan is an International Studies major with focuses in Political Science and Anthropology, and a strong interest in international transitional justice and women’s rights. She has played integral roles in both the Mentors in Violence Prevention training for student athletes and the first year Active Bystander Orientation. Her commitment to SAVP is rooted in a strong passion to create an intersectional awareness about issues regarding sexual and domestic violence. In her free time she likes to take naps in her hammock around campus and eat banana bread.

Katie Emery ’19

Katie is a neuroscience major from Taos, New Mexico. As a survivor of sexual assault, it was important to her to become involved in Vassar’s sexual assault and violence prevention community. She got involved as a student fellow and then as a facilitator for sexual violence prevention training before joining the SAVP office. She’d like to set up a productive way for survivors to heal based on restorative justice as a way to create a more understanding community. In her free time, Katie is on the rowing team and likes climbing trees.

Sara Ehnstrom ’22

Sara is a prospective Neuroscience and Behavior major from Kaneohe, Hawaii. She hopes to educate the student body on what specific actions are not appropriate, to make sure that there are no blurred lines, through events that get every type of student involved. Sara plans to continue her education after Vassar by attending medical school to become a family practitioner where she will use the skills she learned through SAVP to correctly identify and address sexual violence. Sara is a member of the volleyball team and Vassar EMS. During her free time she loves to read and watch movies!