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Filing a Formal Report

To file a formal report at Vassar, contact the Title IX Coordinator at 845-437-7924 or titleix@vassar.edu. You can also fill out the online form: Report a Sexual Misconduct & Gender-Based Violence Incident provided by the EOAA Office.

If you do not wish to file a formal report, you can fill out SAVP's Anonymous Reporting Form. Whether or not a report is made to the College, individuals also have the right to file a report with:

For more information about advocacy or to seek assistance in reporting both on- and off-campus, contact the Sexual Assault Response Team at 845-437-7333 or the Sexual Assault & Violence Prevention Director at 845-437-7975 or savp@vassar.edu.

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*To file a formal report, contact the Title IX Coordinator at 845-437-7924 or titleix@vassar.edu.