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Responsible, Private, or Confidential?

At Vassar, some individuals and campus resources can offer confidentiality while others have specific obligations to respond when they receive a report of a crime or a campus policy violation. If you are unsure of someone's duties and ability to maintain your privacy, ask them before you talk to them. 

Confidential Support Resources

Confidential support resources do not have to let anyone know that you came forward for support or help, unless there is imminent danger to someone's life. 

  • Vassar Counseling Services: (845) 437-5700
  • Vassar Counseling Services 24-hour Counselor: (845) 437-7333 (24/7) 
  • Vassar Health Services: (845) 437-5800
  • Center for Victim Safety & Support in Poughkeepsie
    • Rape Crisis/Crime Victims: (845) 452-7272 (24/7) 
    • Domestic Violence: (845) 485-5550 (24/7) 
  • SAFE Exam at Vassar Brothers Medical Center: (845) 454-8500 (24/7) 
  • SAFE Exam at Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital: (845) 483-5000 (24/7) 
  • On- or off- campus clergy and/or doctors

Private Resources

Private resources do not have to let anyone know that you came forward for support or help, unless there is imminent danger or community safety concerns. They also fill out an anonymous report (without any identifying information) that is kept confidentially within the SAVP Office. 

  • SAVP Director & Victim/Survivor Advocate: (845) 437-7863
  • SAVP Program Coordinator: (845) 437-7975 
  • SART Advocates: (845) 437-7333 (24/7) 
  • Director of Health Promotion & Education: (845) 437-7769
  • Director of Case Management: (845) 437-5860
  • Student Fellows and House Student Advisors

Responsible Employees

Responsible employees are required to notify the Title IX Office of disclosures of sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship abuse, and/or stalking. A survivor may decide whether and when to respond to subsequent outreach from the Title IX Office. 

  • All other non-student employees (e.g. President, Deans, Administrators, Faculty, Coaches, Staff, etc.) are considered responsible employees.
  • Title IX Coordinator: (845) 437-7924
  • Dean of Student Living and Wellness: (845) 437-5315
  • Residential Life Administrators & Staff: (845) 437-5860 (24/7) 
  • Safety & Security: (845) 437-7333 (24/7)