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Student Organizations

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Break the Silence

Break the Silence at Vassar is an online community dedicated to highlighting the importance of ending personal violation through the sharing of personal stories. By offering an anonymous, respectful space to share experiences, Break the Silence at Vassar hopes to empower survivors to find their voices and send a strong message that personal violation (including, but not limited to, rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, and relationship abuse) is an unacceptable crime which the community needs to work together to end.


Feminist Alliance

Feminist Alliance works to provide a space for discussion, organization, collaboration, and activism regarding issues of feminism, gender, patriarchy, kyriarchy, and all forms of oppression. They are an activist space, providing a forum for discussion of ways to pursue feminist issues both on- and off-campus as well as raise consciousness within the student body. Feminist Alliance consists of a group of individuals with diverse and sometimes conflicting viewpoints. They strive to provide a receptive and respectful space for any individual devoted to ending sex- or gender-based oppression.